Things I’ve learnt

I have lived in London for two years now. It feels like yesterday that I packed my stuff up in over 12 bags and suitcases, loaded my stuff into my Mum’s car and drove to my new start in the big smoke. In that time, I’ve had 4 jobs, been on countless dates, had one boyfriend, made loads of new friends and lost a couple too.  I was trying to think of highlights but in honesty all the experiences I’ve had, both good and bad, have added up to make these past two years the best of my life. The main thing that strikes me is how much I have learnt within the past two years. I think it goes without saying that moving out changes you, but no-one really tells you how much you’ll learn.

So these are some of the things I’ve learnt…

  • I can smoke less than 10 fags in one day
  • Being large and in charge is much more fun than being a gym going obsessive
  • Beer is just as important as food
  • That being myself is my unique selling point
  • Someone can fall for me just the way I am
  • I do actually love Taylor Swift
  • I can fake confidence to such a level I start to believe it
  • I am ambitious, and can learn how to succeed in anything I try
  • I’ve made peace with the fact that friendships come to an end
  • Sending a stroppy email to a supplier is one of the best vents of frustration ever
  • Celebrities are regular people
  • Cyclists in London are the absolute worst
  • No, people who talk into headphones on the bus are the worst
  • Or people who refuse to take their massive backpack off on busy public transport
  • I don’t exclusively fancy bears as much as I thought I did, and a twinky-type can turn my head
  • The London skyline seen from Waterloo Bridge at night, is the skyline seen for the first time
  • I can just about live on just my wage
  • I adore Manchester
  • Embracing your fetish publically is liberating, but it does lose some of its naughtiness appeal
  • Just because someone is incredibly attractive, doesn’t mean they know they are
  • Hating someone takes up far too much time and energy
  • Sharing one thing on social media a year ago, can shape someone’s opinion of you indefinitely
  • Anyone who judges someone’s whole character on a political opinion is a tosser
  • Gender and sexuality are not mutually exclusive, and no-one is just one of either
  • If I actually cared that much about being overweight, I would do something about it
  • Not having your family around so much sucks
  • Everyone is a bitch, some people are just more upfront about it
  • You don’t have to see someone a lot for them to still be one of your best friends
  • And you don’t have to have known someone for that long for them to mean a lot to you
  • Drag Queens are the ultimate artists and performers, and I would make an amazing one
  • Unrequited feelings are annoying
  • Meat Market in Covent Garden is hangover heaven
  • Sunday Pubbing is basically a sport
  • Talking about hot men in the office is also a sport
  • Parks & Recreation, Game of Thrones and RuPaul’s Drag Race are the best shows ever
  • Instagram is highly addictive
  • Riding on the back of a motorbike is equal parts fun and terrifying
  • Beards can make almost anyone hotter
  • There is always something to do that you’ve never done before
  • When you have a manager that treats you like an equal you can flourish
  • Having a proper photoshoot is a massive ego boost
  • You can have too much Domino’s Pizza
  • Most of the stereotypes about different types of Londoners are totally correct
  • London is surprisingly small, and you will bump into people and start to recognise strangers
  • Having good friends around you makes life worth living

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