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Why does everyone hate sex?

Recently there seems to have been a resurgence of an archaic, Victorian mindset to sex in the western world. I’ve seen multiple articles and twitter rants about how sex – particularly gay sex and fetishes – are disgusting and dangerous, and should be kept hidden and secretive. There has been articles about how fetish events … Continue reading Why does everyone hate sex?

I Am

I am by no means a poet, but I felt inspired to express my thoughts on my body in a new way so I wrote this little poem, backed by a photo of myself showing off all my lumps, bumps, and imperfections. Even when influencers and activists talk about body positivity, we tend to show … Continue reading I Am

Lets Gay To Know You

In 2019 the lovely Morgan Defre asked me to take part in his brand new YouTube series called ‘Lets Gay To Know You’. We chatted back and forth chat about my life and experiences, especially around mens body image, and coming out, and of course RuPaul’s Drag Race! It was such a pleasure to take … Continue reading Lets Gay To Know You

Self Love Brings Beauty takeover

Kicking off 2020, I was asked to do a takeover of the Self Love Brings Beauty instagram account. Self Love Brings Beauty was started by curve supermodel Felicity Hayward to promote self worth and acceptance of varying body image standards. The takeover consisted of answering a few questions around self love, and my own experiences … Continue reading Self Love Brings Beauty takeover

Men of Manual campaign

Men of Manual was a campaign by mens wellness website Manual.co to highlight mens body image issues and mens mental health. The campaign consisted of 8 men of differing ages, body shapes and races. We all discussed our journey with our bodies, and the stories behind them. The campaign was a huge success being picked … Continue reading Men of Manual campaign

London Queer Fashion Show

In 2019 I took part in the London Queer Fashion Show at the V&A Museum of Childhood. LQFS is an incredible fashion show designed to highlight queer designers, models, and performers. I was paired with ELLI$E, a super artistic, and incredibly talented streetwear designer. LQFS was my first ever runway, and I had a blast. … Continue reading London Queer Fashion Show

Goodnight Angel

If you’ve ever had a dog you’ll know how much a part of the family they really are. They are always so happy to see you, and the love truly is unconditional. We rescued Angel from Battersea dogs home 13 years ago. We’d looked at loads of dogs whilst we were there, but none really … Continue reading Goodnight Angel

Why is Gay Pride Still relevant in 2016?

Many gay people are often asked why gay pride still exists, and the answer is not a simple one. Sure, a massive part of gay pride is the party, the colours, the music and the drag queens, but we should never forget the history and the message behind it.

Things I’ve learnt

I have lived in London for two years now. It feels like yesterday that I packed my stuff up in over 12 bags and suitcases, loaded my stuff into my Mum’s car and drove to my new start in the big smoke. In that time, I’ve had 4 jobs, been on countless dates, had one … Continue reading Things I’ve learnt

Honesty – Right, or Wrong?

Recently I was thinking to myself about right and wrong. Most of us are told our whole lives what constitutes good and bad behaviour, but in our everyday life how do we actually define those boundaries? We are told that stealing is wrong, hell, it’s even in the bible, but we have all been in … Continue reading Honesty – Right, or Wrong?

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