About Me.

Welcome to my life.

I don’t have this blog for any reason other than somewhere for me to write down my thoughts, musings, experiences etc, etc. Think of it as some sort of diary.

You’ll see that a majority of the posts I make are quite personal, and about myself, this is not meant to be conceited or egotistical, but the subject I know the most about is myself, so it seems logical?

Any comments or feedback would be most welcome, But, I’m fully aware I make stupid grammar mistakes so they really don’t need pointing out thank you please.

Also, if you are a hot shot magazine editor, yes, I would love to write for you, Ha!

Well, Thats all i have to say for now, I hope you enjoy!

By the way, This is me, incase you wondered…

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @JaMakings


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